If your loved one is considering moving to an Arkansas assisted living facility, it will likely take some time for him or her to adjust to a new home. Brookfield Senior Living and Memory Care offers these tips to help reduce the time it takes for your loved one to adjust to their new home before and after they move in.

Make the New Space Feel Like Home

One task you can do before your relative moves into the assisted living facility is decorate the room with familiar items. Take any beloved decorations (such as framed photos and paintings) from his or her old house and put them in the new room. If possible, set up your loved one’s furniture and linens in the room as well. This way, he or she will start to feel right at home as early as moving day.

Ensure Access to Favorite Hobbies

Another way to help your loved one adjust to assisted living in Arkansas is to ensure he or she gets time for any hobbies. If your relative played tennis every weekend or took regular walks while living at home, find out if this is still possible in the assisted living facility. It may not be realistic for your relative to continue the same exact lifestyle as before, but he or she should be able to still enjoy some hobbies after moving in.

Help With the Move

If your loved one knows you fully support the move, he or she will likely feel more comfortable than usual with this major change. You can start by helping with packing and cleaning, all while talking your relative through the process so he or she knows what to expect. Then be sure to help move furniture and boxes on moving day, and be there to decorate the new place.

Stay in Touch

Continue to reach out to your relative. Just because residents of assisted living facilities in Arkansas have many staff members to help them doesn’t mean they don’t need their old friends and family anymore. You can call, email, send letters and of course visit as much as possible to help your relative feel at ease in the new residence.

If you have any questions about assisted living facilities in Arkansas, contact Brookfield Senior Living and Memory Care today. We are eager to help you rest assured your loved one will feel comfortable and at home at one of our three Arkansas locations.