5 Benefits of Living at a Brookfield Assisted Living Facility July 29, 2016

Did you know that more than 735,000 Americans nationwide live in assisted living communities?  Even though many seniors will be able to age in place through in-home care services, those who need a higher level of care can benefit from assisted living care facilities like Brookfield Assisted Living in Arkansas. If you’re loved one has already shown signs that it’s time for assisted living, the only decision often left is deciding on the right facility.

As our parents and loved ones start to age, it often becomes difficult to watch them slowly lose their ability to remain independent. Although many children of aging parents, opt to provide care as their loved one starts to forget things and can no longer get around easily, others will have to make a crucial decision about what type of care will fit their parent’s needs.  No matter what decision you make, when it comes to your loved one receiving excellent care, the pros and cons of each option should be reviewed. 

Here are five reasons your parent or loved one could benefit from moving to an assisted living facility.

1.)    Safety: When your loved one has a hard time walking up and down stairs in their home, assisted living communities can provide a secure, safe, and comfortable environment for them to live.

2.)    Transportation: It can be heartbreaking to watch a parent no longer be able to live an independent life and become isolated once they can no longer drive, especially if they live alone. Many assisted living care facilities like Brookfield Assisted Living provide transportation assistance to seniors who are no longer able to drive themselves. Having access to transportation can help your loved one maintain an active social life, run errands and more.

3.)    Nutrition: For some seniors, certain chores like cooking can become difficult, causing them to eat quick, microwavable meals. Seniors experiencing memory impairment can often forget to eat regularly throughout the day. Assisted living can be a great benefit for both of these types of seniors because care facilities can provide your loved one with three nutritional meals a day. 

4.)    Worry-Free Living: Does your mom or dad forget to take her or is medication? Do you worry about them not eating enough? Seniors who live in assisted living no longer will have to worry about daily household management and chores. At Brookfield Assisted Living facilities, residents can expect medication assistance, housekeeping, and help with laundry.

5.)    Social life: The final benefit that assisted living provides is vital social connections with other seniors in the community who live alone.  Seniors who are able to continue a socially active lifestyle can see improvements in their overall quality of life. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, social engagement can help promote brain vitality in seniors.  Assisted living facilities often provide recreational activities as well.

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