Beating the Winter Blues With A Healthy Lifestyle March 19, 2015

Stay Active To Elevevate Your Health | Brookfield Assisted LivingYou’ve heard someone say she’s just managing to put one foot in front of the other, meaning it’s slow going for her right now. But that’s all it takes to make progress. One foot in front of another and you’re headed in the right direction; going forward.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get into the mood to exercise and eat right during the winter months. The cold and grey tend to affect many of us that way. Staying active when we’d rather hibernate takes effort, but that effort pays dividends. The benefits are big for our health and well-being.

Check out these rewards for putting one foot in front of the other…

-Maintain strength, flexibility and muscle stability
-Build and maintain your energy level
-Strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory health
-Help fight osteoporosis
-Aid in control of diabetes
-Bring a better night’s sleep
-Elevate your mood

You would be surprised to realize the amount of profit to output ratio a bit of exercise can yield. You really need to be active only half an hour each day to reap the returns.

When the outdoor weather prohibits outdoor activity, move inside with these activities. 

-Take advantage of the gym or activities center
-Walk the mall with friends
-Enjoy a dance class
-Do water aerobics
-Register for a health and fitness class for seniors

Staying active is a key component to good health and your overall well-being.  In addition to exercise and physical activity, include some activities for your mental health, too. Work jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles. Play board games and try other mental work-outs. Who would have thought fun could be so beneficial?

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is another key to good health and well-being. We know that proper nutrition is truly vital to our body’s ability to heal and help itself as we age. And getting the right foods is not all that difficult. Include in your meals a wide variety from within the main food groups of dairy, protein, fruits and veggies, grains, fats and oils.  Eating three meals daily helps provide enough calories to keep our energy levels up and allows our body to function properly.  Take a one-a-day-vitamin/mineral supplement, too. And don’t forgo the occasional treat, right?

We all age. Let’s make it our goal, as much as lies within us, to age well. Beating the winter blues is part of aging well. Don’t drop out; stay active. Stay well. And when you or someone you love needs help, contact us at Brookfield Assisted Living. With three locations that provide excellence in support services and a comfortable, home-like residence, Brookfield Assisted Living is without peer in Arkansas. Visit us at Come take a tour, and experience the Brookfield difference.