Let’s still have fun: 5 Summer Activities for Seniors July 10, 2015

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There are many benefits to staying active at any age, but those benefits increase for seniors.  Some of the benefits that come from staying active are being able to keep a sharp mind, balance mood, and staying in shape. Staying active overall can be a huge benefit to your health. Finding fun and safe activities during the summer months can be difficult, but Brookfield Assisted Living wants to provide you with a short but fun list of activity options.

Being active during the summer is difficult for many reasons. The hot summer heat can force seniors to have to resort to doing fewer activities outside and take to indoor activities. Seniors are at a great risk of heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration.  But even though the heat may limit activity choices, there’s still plenty of fun to have; some activities are:

1)    Visit a museum, aquarium, or indoor art events.

This could be an alternative option if it’s too hot to take a walk or jog outside.  Many of these places also offer discounts for seniors. Take in cultural events and still get exercise.

2.)    Morning walks.

If you still rather take your walks or jogs outside, be sure to get up early and head out. Going early will ensure that you miss the hottest times of the day. Always keep a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

3.)    Take a swim.

Visit a local community pool or recreation center with a pool and go for a dip.  You will stay cool and get exercise at the same time.  If it’s an outdoor pool, be sure to keep sunscreen or sunblock.

4.)    Join a local senior center.

Most local senior centers offer a variety of activities and host events that will help you to stay involved and be active.  There may be a dance or opportunities for you to volunteer your time.

5.)     Water Aerobics

Not really a swimmer? Well still spend some time in the water by taking a water aerobics class.

Remember to have fun and stay hydrated this summer. Also, if you plan to spend any extended amount of time out in the sun, wearing light weight clothing can help keep you cool. And be sure to protect your skin with sunblock and protect your eyes with sunglasses or a hat. 

Don’t let the summer heat steal you fun. Get out and stay active; live well. And if you or one of your loved ones needs help, be sure to contact us at Brookfield Assisted Living. We help you to remain active, social, independent and most of all healthy. We have three locations that offer you excellent support services and a comfortable, home-like environment. Visit us at www. Brookfiendseniors.com. Come take a tour, and experience Brookfield for yourself.