Managing Diabetes During the Holidays: 5 Tips Nov. 28, 2016

The winter holidays are synonymous with eating. From family holiday dinners to seasonal candy, cakes and other desserts, there's certainly plenty of tasty fare to experience and enjoy. Subsequently, managing diabetes during this food-filled season can be a bit daunting at times. However, if you can commit yourself to a few easy-to-follow rules, you'll find it's not so hard to enjoy the holidays and manage your diabetes after all.

1. Stick to Your Schedule

The holiday season is hectic. You're running around shopping for gifts, meeting family, going to holiday parties and doing a million other things that can distract you from taking your medication.

Program your mobile device to give you alerts at the correct time each day to ensure you don't miss a dose.

2. Carry Snacks or Your Own Meal With You

If you think you might be out for a long period of time due to traffic and crowded stores, bring along snacks so you can be in better control of your blood sugar. You might also consider bringing your own meal to gatherings in case what is being served is not very diabetes-friendly.

3. Be Wary of What You Eat

Carry a little notepad with you, and write down what you are eating throughout the course of the day. This can seem like a tedious and annoying task, but remember, your health is at risk. Keeping track of what you are eating can make you better aware of whether or not you've had too many carbs or too much of the sweet stuff.

4. Be Active, Be Rested

Running around a shopping mall doesn't quite count. Regular exercise is key, especially if you've enjoyed a large holiday dinner. If you don't have time for regular workouts, take a walk in the morning or the evening. Being active also helps to reduce stress, which is also synonymous with the holidays!

Likewise, you need proper rest. A lack of proper sleep can wreak havoc with your blood sugar. If you plan on attending many parties, make sure you have ample time for rest the following day.

5. Check Your Blood Sugar Regularly

Checking your blood sugar often during the holidays is important because you may be eating things beyond your limit, even with portion control and awareness. Try your best to stick to your goals.

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Happy and healthy holidays!