Three Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility Sept. 29, 2015

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As your loved ones get older, there are many important decisions to make to keep them safe and healthy. At the top of the list is choosing the proper care for them. When making a decision about an assisted living facility, you should be informed to help you choose the appropriate facility to meet your loved one’s needs. Brookfield Assisted Living knows this decision can be challenging, and for many, intimidating. Handing over the care of your parents or loved one to others is never an easy decision or step for anyone to take.

When starting your search for an assisted living facility, there are three common mistakes that you should avoid:

1.)    Rushing on decisions. Families often choose the first open room or facility they find or visit. You should take your time and visit several different facilities, to see a range of services, costs, and approaches to care.

2.)    Not being realistic. It’s important to consider questions about the care provided to your parent or loved ones by the assisted living facility, not just one year in the future, but 5 or even 10 years later.

3.)    Skipping over important details.  Each assisted living facility is different, meaning they are going to have different options, services, and costs.  Reviewing a contract before signing with a facility is important because the cost structure will vary by facility. Here are a few questions to ask and look for while reviewing the contract:

·        Are all the services covered?

·        Is there an entrance fee?

·        Are certain services extra, such as laundry?

 Before signing any contract, consider having a legal professional review the contract.  

As you and other family members make a decision, don’t be afraid to ask for advice and feedback from other’s including your loved one’s physician or geriatric care manager.  By taking your time and doing proper research, you can minimize the chance of moving your parent or loved one into a poor or unsuitable living situation.

If you are looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one, the amazing staff at Brookfield Assisted Living would love to help. We have three locations that offer you excellent support services and a comfortable, home-like environment. Call today to schedule a tour.

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