Top 3 Best Ways Seniors Can Stay Active in the Winter Jan. 20, 2017

It's natural to feel a bit down when the winter months set in. It's cold, it gets darker earlier and it can be a challenge to find the motivation to do the things you enjoy. However, just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to hide away or compromise on your happiness and well-being. There are plenty of activities that are ideal for people who want to stay fit, healthy, motivated and entertained during the colder times and indeed throughout the year.

1. Make New Friends and Socialize

Being cooped up during the winter is no good for the soul. Even if you love your own company, it's great to get out once in a while to socialize with old friends and make new ones. There are many groups that will give you the opportunity to share a common interest with others, such as knitting, playing card games, painting or reading. If you've been itching to pick up a paintbrush or some knitting needles for a while, joining a group is a great way to socialize, rekindle old skills and learn brand new ones.

2. Do Indoor Gardening

Yes, you really did read that right. Indoor gardening is rapidly becoming one of the most popular hobbies, and with good reason. When you can't get outside to tend the shrubs and plants, there are plenty of indoor plants such as houseplants, bonsai trees and herbs that will thrive given lots of love and attention. Why not create your own tabletop terrarium? Much like a miniature greenhouse, a terrarium is a great way to arrange small plants and decorations to create a really fascinating feature. Gardening is calming and can alleviate depression and stress, both of which can be common at this time of year.

3. Wrap Up and Walk

It might be cold outside, but there is still a beautiful world out there to explore. A walk during the winter can be a wonderfully invigorating experience, especially if you are wrapped up against the harsh weather. A short walk every day is great for lowering the blood sugar, strengthening lower back muscles, boosting the spirits and burning off calories. The health benefits of walking are plentiful, and it's free, too!

At Brookfield Assisted Living, we believe that quality of life is everything, and we offer a wide range of activities throughout the year to ensure our residents can easily maintain an enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle.

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